Expressing issues within our cultural context through design. Propose a meaningful product that communicates, excites, and raises awareness.

About Us

Rodolfo Massaini is a brand specialized in the creation and production of furniture and decoration items, with recyclable waste as its main raw material. Therefore, our purpose is to give a new meaning to such material, promoting sustainable and favorable actions in the reduction of environmental impacts and in the contribution of a circular economy.


Our space is more than a production industry, but also a creative laboratory. Here we experiment, develop prototypes, and manufacture our products.

For this reason, we adopted the hybrid industry model in our space, which allows us to change the companys layout in an agile and functional way, according to the need and activities of the moment.

Rodolfo Massaini

Creative Director

Rodolfo Massaini

Graduated in Architecture at Universidade Belas Artes, in São Paulo, in 2015, Rodolfo Massaini opened his studio, focused in architecture and interior design projects.

Son of a businessman in the scrap metal segment, Rodolfo Massaini has always recognized the beauty behind all that metallic waste and, while carrying out one of his interior design projects, Rodolfo had the opportunity to develop his first piece of furniture, the Crazy Tubes coffee table, made from aluminum scrap.
In this development process, Rodolfo discovered his passion for the world of design and, at the end of 2018, he decided to close the doors of his architecture studio to attend a postgraduate course in Milan, the capital of Design. In mid-2019, Rodolfo Massaini moved to Milan and began his postgraduate degree in Furniture and Product Design at Instituto Marangoni.

After completing his specialization as a Furniture and Product Designer, Rodolfo Massaini returned to Brazil and launched, in 2022, his new brand, focused on offering creative products to individuals and companies, with an exclusive, contemporary, and sophisticated design, based on sustainability and building a better world.

I believe that we, designers, have the possibility to use our creations to communicate and meaningfully contribute to our environment and our society.

My purpose as a furniture and product designer is to offer people a creative product, with conscious design, that brings benefits and is relevant. I believe that we have to find solutions that go beyond what is beautiful, we have to offer more, and mostly adopt sustainable solutions, manifest cultural contexts, ethical values, use the power of the creator to satisfy, communicate, move, and raise awareness of our users positively and constructively.

Rodolfo Massaini

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